Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not all apps are meant for the cloud

Phil Wainewright of ZDNet today has a nice article that speaks of "7 things to learn from the Amazon outage". One of the key points he makes is that this should be a clarion call for enterprises to revisit their strategy of what applications of theirs should be deployed on the cloud. 

If you had put something on the cloud, it is implicit that you are assuming that you do not retain full control. A failure is one of the many things that can go wrong with possibly nothing in your power to set things right on the cloud. 

A colleague of mine was narrating another incident wherein a medical application was on the EC2 cloud and it got affected due to the outage. The owner in question raised tickets with AWS folks - No response. They then out of sheer desperation posted their complaint on the AWS forum. Instead of help, what they got were dollops of advice from other people on the forum questioning their strategy of deploying a mission critical medical application on the cloud !!!

I am narrating this here in the light of how mere cost savings and on-demand availability cannot be justifications to embrace cloud. Yet another article elsewhere highlighting the fact that most cloud providers aim to provide discrete services with as little support as possible chiefly because they are operating under razor thin margins. Volumes count and not individual attention to customers.

Remember cloud is not the panacea for all your infrastructure woes :-)

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