Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cloud Startups – Asankya

In the first of the series on Cloud Startups – a series of posts that will over time cover some of the unique cloud startup companies that are working to resolve challenges that cloud computing realization poses.

Asankya, an Atlanta based cloud startup is working on the transport layer of the Internet. Working to make it more efficient, fault tolerant and enable it to deliver Cloud applications more rapidly and reliably.

The company has patented a Internet transport layer routing technology that hinges on dynamic network characterization and scheduling capabilities to optimize data flow. It calls it the RAPID protocol.

The interesting part of this ‘hyper-mesh technology’ is the ability of the patented algorithms to break up a file into 10 parts each of which is transmitted along a pre-scanned path on the Internet to the destination. The pre-scan helps establish the reliability of the path’s performance.The end result is a transmission rate that is 40 times the current speeds offered by normal routers.

You might be wondering where the cloud and Asankya’s ideas cross paths. Think of a private cloud that an enterprise wants to have. Having it in house guarantees LAN speeds. However having a 3rd party data center to create a private cloud for your enterprise means that all data between the enterprise and the private cloud has to negotiate the bottle-neck in the middle – the Internet. Asankya’s technology leaps to the rescue. Having special routers deployed at the gateways of your enterprise and the remote private cloud ensure that the bottle-neck problem is solved/minimized.

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