Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ABC Series - Assisting Business via Cloud - EchoSign

In this new series, charmingly titled the ABC series, we will look at innovative ideas by cloud based companies that have Assisted Enterprises to do Business by leveraging the Cloud.

The first in the series is EchoSign. A company making headlines due to its recent takeover by Adobe. EchoSign has been addressing the problem of the long and iterative cycles it usually takes for two business groups to sign and close a deal.


EchoSign has simplified the process by

  1. Introducing the concept of e-signatures
  2. Allowing multiple parties to sign at once and let EchoSign consolidate the signatures into a master copy
  3. Provide for a physical sign and fax option if required
  4. Ancillary services like ‘store on cloud’ and let EchoSign remind you and other parties concerned if a renewal is due, tracking of contracts, etc
  5. Pay on the go with no need for long term contracts
  6. The associated parties only need an e-mail address and do not need to download or install any software

All of this while promoting eco-friendliness!

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  1. Is this Contract Management on Cloud? Contract Management has been one area that has not garnered as much attention as it deserves. This is primarily because, it not a direct revenue generator, but a solution to prevent revenue leakages. It will be interesting to see EchoSign's progress, since Contractual documents are the last of the information Enterprises will be willing to put up on cloud given the general cloud related apprehensions. A success journey for EchoSign would be ample testimony to the fact that organizations are waking up to the true credentials of cloud computing.


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