Thursday, August 4, 2011

ABC Series - Assisting Business via Cloud–ToTango


I am sure while trying the umpteen cloud services on offer – that offer you everything ranging from online photo editing to online project management to music streaming – you would not have  failed to notice the “freemium” mode of service selling that accompanies these services. What that means is that there is always a basic version of the service available for free – you can register at the website and start using and continue using the basic feature set for as long as you like. In case you need more features, or have usgae stretching beyond the free bundled hours of usage, you will need to upgrade yourself to a higher or premium version.. This in industry lingo is called “freemium”

The problem most cloud vendors face is to convert the maximum number of free service users into paid users. Each user comes with a certain expectation from the service. Identifying this need and working around it to bump up the user to a paid premium version is a tricky area for companies offering SaaS.

This is where ToTango, an Israeli startup, has come up with a solution that integrates with the SaaS offering and keeps tabs on the usage patterns by customers.

It gives a relative usage intensities across customers who have signed up, provides for a stream of user activity to be recorded and streamed real time to sales representatives. Providing for Filtering, segmentation of users, notifications on specific usage patterns, etc., are tools that the company offers to be used by sales representatives to track and go after the most promising users and talk them into moving to premium versions. This also doubles up as a valuable tool for product managers to evolve and prioritize their their roadmap.

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